coaching and private lessons


doctor of philosophy. single parent. first generation college grad. world traveler. fun maker. high school teacher. instructional coach. researcher. yoga teacher. yoga practitioner. igolu leader in training.

all labels that while useful and informative, i work to shed every day, so that i can work from an unbound place within myself, without fear of the future or past, to create and connect in the present moment, leaving a lasting impact on myself, my children and the world.

if this peaks your interest, stirs something in your gut or tickles your fancy: contact me for coaching, private yoga lessons, or a combination of both. we will work to synthesize my broad knowledge and experience base and yours to discover a big picture and micro picture for you to work from, within and towards 🙂 ❤

all coaching and private lesson fees are based on a sliding scale. students, single parents and any one who may be in need of financial assistance are encouraged to ask!

Click here for more info, including pricing, and/or reach out to me using the contact form below!


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