It doesn’t feel like it has been a month since I returned from Ethiopia, and yet it has! The experience is still so very fresh on my mind and as I consider all thing things I’m grateful for , especially as I write this on Mother’s Day!!! I knew I couldn’t let another day go by without sending you this thank you! What I experienced in Ethiopia this spring, was this sometimes elusive space or way of being, that I learned back in Psych 101 was coined “unconditional positive regard.” I love finding language for things, and then I love finding other “names” for things. You may call what I experienced unconditional love, you may call it compassion, you may call it oneness. Whatever you call it, I can tell you what it looked like, what it felt like, and how it impacted me. I came back from my time in Ethiopia with a greater faith and trust in myself and a LIFTED faith and support in humanity. It seemed like every time I experienced a challenge, something or someone was there to connect me to love. A gentle hand on my shoulder, a baby hippo splashing around with its momma, or a rainstorm watched with friends. It felt like when someone around me needed that unconditional positive regard, that trust and support, that I was able to pull from a well to offer it. Even when I was tired from the journey or questioning my self and what I had to offer. It was as if our team, made up of folks from all over the world, and all those we spent time with who live in Ethiopia, LIFTED the frequency of all of our hearts. From our training site in Northern Ethiopia, to our new friends living in a small remote village in Ethiopia, to the gracious hosts at our final stop at the Haro Langano Lodge. With our lifted hearts, we shared, we led, we allowed ourselves to be led, we danced, we cried, we smiled, and we left, I left, forever changed. We made some incredibly intangible impacts and some incredibly tangible impacts. As I write this, I am in the process of entering a new project cycle to look into ways I can return and serve in 2018. Thank you so much for your support. Please read this amazing post from Lightyear–its a stellar recap of our journey!
with a big and powerful heart LIFTED from love,

Thanks to everyone who supported the Lightyear Leadership trainings throughout this past year. We are excited to share a glimpse of what we experienced with you!

In March of 2016, Lightyear Leadership (then igolu) created a vision.

With imagine1day, we partnered to create a vision of 300 community leaders within Ethiopian coming together as participants to experience the foundational Lightyear Leadership programs. We envisioned a team of North American Lightyear Leaders raising the funds to pay for these 300 participants to travel to three locations spanning Ethiopia and partake in a three and a half day training.

This vision became a reality!

18 North American Leaders

$184,000 USD Raised

18 imagine1day Ethiopian staff

344 Ethiopian participants

Countless lives were transformed

“I learned the power of committed speaking and authenticity. I discovered that my happiness is the most valuable resource I have. I experienced sustainable service and transformation.”
– Nancy Perry, Lightyear Licensee and Owner of BIG

FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR a brief sampling of what we experienced on the trip.

Check out some photos here! https://goo.gl/photos/SnsohXpcLRuYpRKt5


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