Taking Risks, Discerning, Being Flexible & Going for it (oh and balance is bullshit!)

Happy Spring Friends!

How can it be? March 2017?…………………………………….. Wow!
This past year has been incredible.  A lot of seed planting in the past few years, a lot of risk-taking, and a lot of learning around discernment, letting go, being flexible, and going for it! It reminds me of the first two years I tended a garden. The first year required so much work and attention, the second a little less. By the third year, it began to take a life on of its own and really bloomed! That’s how I feel this year. SO many things I’ve been nurturing, some things I’ve weeded out, and some things I’ve let ride to see how they play out means that not one area of my life has went untouched with change and growth! I’m doing work in my career field that is the most exciting professional work I’ve ever done AND I continue to share yoga, personal development, facilitate workshops, and lead trainings. I’m doing both in the most supportive and collaborative environments I’ve ever known!

Part of what allows me to continue to grow, be flexible, take risks, and go big is a commitment to continued personal growth–with an ear to the sky for guidance and loving people around me. Instead of focusing on what’s missing, I focus on what’s possible. Instead of “sticking to the plan” I remember the “Why” behind the plan and invite in flexibility. Instead of trying to achieve some perfect balance, I recall what a recent lightyear leadership (formerly iglolu) principle reminded me–that balance is dynamic. Sometimes when I really want something I remind myself– the idea of balance can be bullshit. For me, hyper-focusing on “balance” can create rigidity, dampen possibility, and hold me to some expectation of what my day, my week, my year “should look like.” This can take me out of possibility, out of fun, and can leave opportunity on the table.

When I am planting the seeds for something it requires me to commit more energy, time, and creativity.  Whether it is a relationship or a project:
making new friends, deepening existing relationships, growing a yoga business, creating and collaborating every day for innovative and exciting local and global education initiatives, or finding a quiet space in the woods to retreat too.

All these things have been on my vision board, my radar, for some time. As I nurture what I want, and weed out what I don’t need, my goals and dreams start to take a life of their own. Like all we see bloom in the spring! I encourage you to keep planting seeds, going for dreams, and weeding out the things you don’t need. Give yourself a break when you physically need it and pull a late-nighter (maybe not an all-nighter, lol!) like you are 19 in college if you are feeling incredibly inspired on a project!

I’ve also found I can structure time for creativity and reflection and often setting up this time–alters time for me. Things happen more synchronously, in a more integrated way, often more creatively and in ways I did not imagine. Spend some time with me and the growing Powered By Heart Community this year to create, reflect, reset, grow, discern, and discover!

Here are some opportunities:

Awaken Yoga & Wellness Festival: May 6-7, 2017 (I’m teaching the closing session! A long and sweaty class followed up with a generous yoga Nidra and yin inspired close)

KIVA + Powered By Heart Yoga, Vision, & Goals Retreat: May 28-June 3, 2017Puerto Morelos, Mexico at beautiful Casa Om Restore yourself to possibility and choice in your life. In this retreat, immerse yourself in an environment designed to support deep self-reflection. Get in touch with your authentic dream for your life. Join us for Hot and not Hot Yoga , clean and delicious food, wildly fun excursions and a sea of Personal Power & Wholeness.  This power will help you design your life based on a future instead of as a reaction to the past. In this Journey back to YOU, you’ll connect with others who want to elevate their lives, discover purpose and find the path to make a difference.

Artists Way + Yoga Summer Challenge June-August, 2017: Monday nights all Summer long! Combining two of my favorite things, the Artists Way and Power Vinyasa Yoga, join me one night a week from June-August, 2017 for an awesome summer challenge. Build your strength, discover your creativity, and grow your community!

Powered By Heart 200hr Yoga Teacher Training-One weekend per month, June, 2017-January, 2018. Discover possibility in yourself and learn to teach! Yoga Alliance Approved. Hosted by Yogaterrium in Fort Smith, Ar. Amazing space + teachers + the most affordable tuition in our region (sign up and pay in full by May 10, 2017).

Powered By Heart + YogaServes, Nicaragua Practice + Serve Retreat, November 22-27, 2017Spend 2 days serving education initiatives in San Juan Del Sur + 3 luscious days at Playa Maderas (the most beautiful place ever!). I’ve worked to make this incredibly affordable and want to keep the group small (10 or less). Together Tours Nicaragua is organizing the retreat for us. Hold your spot for $100 deposit due to me by May 1st. Additional $850 due to Together Tours by July 25th. Cost includes all transportation within the country, lodging and several meals. Cost does not include international airfare and some meals (primarily lunches).

There are so many ways you can get involved for yourself and for some good causes this year, I hope to hear back from you soon on any of these opportunities!

Closing Thoughts: 
I leave to volunteer with an amazing group from Imagine1day + Lightyear Leadership in ETHIOPIA next week. WHAT?! If you are reading this, likely you have supported me in some way and I am forever grateful! Post share party invite coming soon-be on the lookout. Through this week, and then when I get back and settled mid April, you can find me teaching these classes at the yoga collective at Maitri <3!
Mondays: 430 + 545
Tuesdays: 545
Wednesdays: 545
Sundays: 1030am

all my love-


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