can you believe it is august already? i can’t. a year ago this week i was gearing up for my oldest to be married and now this week i’ll be prepping my youngest for high school. presently, i’m enjoying a high-rise view in downtown atlanta, planning out some remaining projects for the year and prepping for a national working group meeting on equity in education tomorrow (it will be geek-tastic, i am so very excited). feeling the sun on my face, warmth and dedication in my heart and a little bit of tiredness around my eyes, i wonder about some of my upcoming work that will seal out 2016. one project i’m most excited about is a yoga + service retreat on big corn island, off the coast of nicaragua. last year, we visited, spending the week on little corn island, and had an incredibly relaxing and yet eye-opening experience. for sam and i, the juxtaposition of luxury at our retreat center and poverty in the local village, that many people experience when they visit latin america, was at times too heavy on our hearts. we vowed the next time we visited nicaragua, the second poorest country in latin america, that we would contribute directly to the community through service.  we are going back this thanks-giving, armed with school supplies and an agreement with the retreat center to work during our stay on a community project….we will enjoy the gifts of the carribean (lobster, sunrise, baseball, and sand…only to name a few), do a lot of yoga and leave our mark through hands-on effort too. Wanna join us? Check out my first-ever (of many) yoga + service retreat projects planned with Heather Vaughn. We would love to have you!


Yoga + Service Retreat.png


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