quest physics

“I’ve come to believe that there exists in the universe something I call “The Physics of The Quest” — a force of nature governed by laws as real as the laws of gravity or momentum. And the rule of Quest Physics maybe goes like this: “If you are brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting (which can be anything from your house to your bitter old resentments) and set out on a truth-seeking journey (either externally or internally), and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue, and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher, and if you are prepared – most of all – to face (and forgive) some very difficult realities about yourself… then truth will not be withheld from you.” Or so I’ve come to believe.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

i woke up with barcelona on the brain. i’ll blame it on the movie eat. pray. love. i can barely make it through a movie late at night and so i split it in half the past two evenings and finished it last night. i rarely watch movies more than once, yet this one is always welcome. do i think you have to travel the world for a year to have your own quest? absolutely not.

i took the featured photo of my daughter sam in barcelona just a few short months ago. for close to a week we traveled through france and spent most of our time in barcelona, very near the coast. last night, watching the last hour of eat. pray. love a new curiosity developed. a deeper understanding of the lead character’s quest, along with my own quest emerged.

mix these two late night introspective dates with myself, eating macadamia nut cookies and drinking milk, with a flurry of days working deeply with many people i love, admire, appreciate and at times worry excessively about disappointing. the past week, over mexican food, tea and after sweaty yoga sessions, i’ve made time for and allowed an openness to connect with friends and family willing to ask questions, contemplate decisions, look into old patterns of thought and behavior and simply marvel at life.

what i’ve decided my physics quest homework entails is a willingness:

“To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”

while travel is always welcome and appreciated for the new stimulation it brings to my mind and the broadening it provides for my heart, i recognize wherever i am the journey is the same, because it is within me. my deepest fears and potential for love beyond what my mind can imagine lives in me. it lives in me and it lives in you. and this is the human offering we all share.


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