heart + home

The last year in Europe has taught me so much, about myself, my Yoga practice, who I am as a leader and the legacy I want to create and leave for my kids and the world. It was the adventure of a lifetime AND I’m so happy to be HOME! Since last summer, I traveled Europe and Eastern Europe, met amazing beautiful people, experienced cultures first hand I had only read about and fulfilled lifelong dreams. I made new friends, helped grow a community of Yogis and made a home at a small air base in Germany, worked with teens to improve their physical and mental fitness and was able to witness the first year of my beautiful nephew’s life with my best friend, aka, my sister and youngest daughter.


I visited more new and different places in the time I was away than I have my whole life! I studied Yoga in studios around the world, took the majority of classes in different languages and met new areas of resistance in my body, mind and spirit. Being home the last few days has been surreal and solidified for me, even more, what “home” means! Home is connecting with myself and with others. It is a place of love and of challenge and it knows no physical or geographical boundaries. Love is surrounding yourself and staying in touch with people who will be with you as you are AND push you to step up to your best self.

The last year has been amazing + challenging + lonely + exciting + surreal. I have learned more about myself and more about what I want to do here, in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the world! The decision to leave and come back have both been a “leap” for me. In my career field, I am transitioning from over a decade of successful and exciting full-time work in education reform to Health and Wellness, with an emphasis on Yoga. I thank my friends and family and Yoga Deza as they support this new journey! My heart is so full and I’m ready to share, connect and continue building this awesome community that will ALWAYS be HOME to me!

with to the sky and beyond brave love,



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